One of my fondest memories of Detroit Summers was going to Bob-Lo Island, an amusement park, by boat. does a walkthrough of the historic steam SS Columbia, one of the storied Boblo boats in Detroit, on Sept. 16, 2014 — the day that it left Michigan for the last time, as it heads for restoration and return to service in New York state. 

It took the Secret Service four days to realize that shots had hit the White House residence, a discovery that came about only because a housekeeper noticed broken glass and a chunk of cement on the floor.


Police gas protesters in Hong Kong. Part 2.

Part 1


Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (1971)

I had a hardtop version Beetles rule…….

Will this will make you forget about Madea for 5 minutes

Saw The Taking of Pelham 123 at BAM today.  The original. True New York Classic. With all the sexism and racism of 1974.