"Is it race? That’s always a hypothesis worth considering in American politics. It’s true that most of the unemployed are white, and they make up an even larger share of those receiving unemployment benefits. But conservatives may not know this, treating the unemployed as part of a vaguely defined, dark-skinned crowd of “takers.”"

Paul Krugman “Those Lazy Jobless”


The framing of the piece, even aside from the question of Stanley’s understanding of “Scandal,” is extremely troubling. Viola Davis is described as “sexual and even sexy, in a slightly menacing way” the sentence before Stanley describes her as “darker-skinned and less classically beautiful” than Kerry Washington, of “Scandal.” Is the point here to pit two women of color against one another in a totally gratuitous beauty contest, to signal-boost white standards of “classical” beauty, or to indicate the degree to which dark-skinned women’s sexuality is menacing? I can’t keep track!

 Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley gets things very wrong when it comes to race on TV — Salon


From Crusaders 1 (1972) Joe & Wayne are making new music in heaven as we speak

Joe Sample Died Last Night in Houston at Age 75.  His piano crossed genres with the Jazz Crusaders to his solo works.  This is from Spellbound (1989) “U-Turn” featuring Take Six

Rest in Power